Commissions are paid on request. We use Bitcoin as our payment processing system.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST have a Bitcoin Wallet in your Account Settings to earn and get paid commissions.

It is essential to pay out all commissions in a timely manner to prevent buildup. If you have no Bitcoin Wallet, commissions will not be added to your account should any of your referrals make a purchase. You need a Bitcoin Wallet to earn commissions because you need a Bitcoin Wallet in order to get paid.

Assign your Bitcoin Wallet on your Account Settings page in the members area.

If you need help getting started with a Bitcoin Wallet, please click on FAQ or see "Bitcoin Help" on the main menu in the members area.

All commissions have a one week clearing period from the date of sale. Commissions are eligible after this clearing period with a minimum of $20 commissions for payout.

Getting Paid

To request a payout, please submit a support ticket HERE

Please include the following when submitting a payout request:

1. Enter your email address as the Requester.

2. Enter your TE Profits Username.

3. Enter "Commission Request" in the Subject line.

4. Include your Bitcoin Wallet address in the Description field for added security.

If the Bitcoin Wallet address does not match the Bitcoin Wallet address in your Account Settings, the request will be denied as suspicious activity.

Your eligible TE Profits commissions will be sent to your Bitcoin Wallet.

Please allow up to five days to process payout requests.