These instructions are for setting up a Bitcoin Wallet at

Go to - Take a moment, first, to watch the short video on the main page and then click "Get a Free Wallet" in the upper right-hand corner to start the process.

When you register, make sure to use a primary email address and a VERY secure password. (Never, EVER use the same password for any two financial websites!)

Watch for the Validation Email and click the link in the validation email.

Congratulations! You now have a Bitcoin Wallet!

Once you have validated your email address, you want to log in to your new Bitcoin Wallet at Blockchain. (Make sure you've written down your Wallet ID and your personally selected password. Your Wallet ID is a funky long sequence of number, letters, and dashes). Login Here by clicking the blue "Login Here" link/button.

In your Wallet, you want to set up your security right away. Click on the "Security Center" Link in the vertical menu on the left-hand side of your member area.

On the Security Center Page, you want to create a backup security phrase that will be requested if you need to get help from the help desk.

Then scroll down to the Level 2 Security section and add your mobile phone number and enable 2FA (2 Factor Authorization) - that means that you'll get a text on your phone with a code you'll have to submit to enter your Blockchain Bitcoin Core Wallet. This is not required but we strongly recommend it!

Create a Bitcoin Wallet ID to receive commissions from Lucrative Traffic.

On the left-hand side of your Bitcoin Wallet, you will see a listing that says "Settings". Click that link and you should get a drop down that says "Addresses". 

This will allow you to create an individual Bitcoin Wallet ID to which you can receive funds from Lucrative Traffic. You can follow the further instructions here which also includes how you can NAME this Wallet ID for future reference and individual notes:

You are now set to receive Bitcoin!

Don't forget to add your Bitcoin wallet address to your Lucrative Traffic Account Profile.

(NOTE: Blockchain supports Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. At this time, Litecoin is not supported at Blockchain.)