The TE Profits Marketing System has three pre-built components.

1. Downline Builder
2. Rebrandable Free Traffic Report
3. Turn Key Lead Capture Pages

1. The Downline Builder builds downlines in several high-quality traffic programs. Join each program in the Downline Builder, then add your affiliate link to the Downline
Builder. Your TE Profits referrals will be joining the programs in the Downline Builder via your affiliate links.

2. Our rebrandable Traffic Report is basically a downline builder for our core programs. You do NOT have to pay anything extra for rebranding rights. You can rebrand the
report at no cost to build referrals in several profitable programs simply by giving away the report. The report is, in effect, a free downline builder for those programs.

3. Pre-built "turn key" Lead Capture Pages are provided as a benefit for upgraded members of TE Profits only. In order to use the pre-built capture pages, you must have
an active TrafficWave account.

You CAN promote TE Profits and/or the TEP Traffic Report to your own list of leads using ANY autoresponder you choose. 

Setting up an autoresponder can be a challenge. You are not only faced with figuring out how to use the technology, but you also have to decide what you want to say to
your subscribers to build a relationship with them. Designing capture pages and writing emails is time consuming. Creating an offer that entices other people to join your
list is one of the greatest challenges any marketer faces.

Our TE Profits Pro System solves these challenges for you with detailed instructions, highly effective lead capture pages, a free offer (your TEP Traffic Report) to give away
as an incentive, and a professional email series already written for you.

In order to use the TE Profits pre-built lead capture pages you must use TrafficWave as your autoresponder.

NOTE: The Lead Capture instructions are in the Pro Member Area under System Instructions on the pro menu. To use the lead capture system you must add your
TrafficWave username in the form on the instruction page, and set up your teprofits email campaign in your own TrafficWave account.

Can you use a different autoresponder?

The answer is “yes” you can. You can build your list of leads with a different autoresponder by creating your own splash pages and lead capture pages.

You can use the TEP lead capture pages as a template to create your own. You’ll also find capture page templates in the Pro Bonuses in the Pro Member area.

You’ll need to have your own website hosting account, or use a 3rd party service to have them hosted for you.

You can also use the TEP email series as a template to create your own, but note that the email series will need to be edited to suit your own preferences. You also do
not have to use all the emails. Just pick which of the emails you prefer to use. You need at least seven follow up emails to establish good rapport with your subscribers.

NOTE: The TE Profits followup email letters (complete with Private Label Rights for your own personal use) are available in the Pro Member Area as a bonus for upgraded
members. See System Instructions on the pro menu to download the email series.

Finally, be leery of “Free” autoresponder services. There ain’t no free lunch!

Free autoresponder services often include other advertising in the emails sent to your subscriber list. It is very unprofessional and will kill your response from your list. Many
autoresponder services (including many paid services) do not have good delivery rates. With TrafficWave you can be confident your emails are getting delivered.

Use the TE Profits turnkey system together with TrafficWave to enjoy full benefits… plus added income on autopilot.